The Future of Pure Water is Now

Affordable and portable, gravity-fed water purification for personal, home, and business hydration.

Ditch the one use water bottle

Remove toxins on the go!

Feel the Difference

Purific's patented technology promotes total body wellness.

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Why should you make the switch to Purific water?

Portable and Affordable!

Convenient counter top, pitcher, and bottle units can go with you to family outings or business meetings. Our larger systems come in models that work with most hot/cold water dispensers. All are easy to move to your next apartment, home, or office and cost only pennies per gallon. Compare the savings!

Great Taste?

Absolutely! Purific offers the purest, wettest, best tasting water available from our simple gravity fed filtration process. This provides the water with maximum exposure to the specially cultivated babacu coconut activated carbon which is at the core of our filter, removing contaminants while preserving water's natural minerals.

Superior Health Benefits

This is where Purific gets very interesting. We combine magnetic and far infrared technology with our purifying capabilities to restore the natural configuration of water molecules so the water is more easily absorbed by the cells of our bodies.This increased hydration assists in removing toxins from the body for overall wellness.



    Hear what others have to say about Purific...

    • I used to purchase Ice Mountain in 5 gallon bottles. I received my Purific Nature about a month ago and am very happy with it. I no longer have these huge jugs of water to lift and empties laying around, I have this nice little Nature unit right on my counter. And the water? AMAZING! I use the nasty city water that tastes like chemicals going in and feels like silk in my mouth and no chemical taste dispensed! I am telling all my friends and family about it! THANK YOU!!
      Lisa, IL
    • I purchased the Purific ecological unit a little over a month ago. As a mother to a high school athlete I usually purchased 3-4 cases of bottle water weekly. Since using this Purific product my recycle bin has been pretty empty. I buy powder gatorade and mix it with this healthy water and use sports bottles to send with my son to all his football practices. We fill this unit at least three times a day. I use it for coffee, cooking as well as filling the two dogs bowls. When my dogs are thirsty and their bowl is empty they stand at the counter right under the unit. I love this product!!!
      Trudy, NJ
    • I purchased the Ecology from Purific three weeks ago and cannot believe how tasty this water is. They weren’t kidding, when they said “Tasting is Believing”. I love it!
      Jonathan, FL
    • Purific has changed my family’s life. My husband was quickly gaining weight due to high sugar drinks and sweets. He didn’t like water. I had just had a baby and was struggling to lose my pregnancy weight. In walked Paul with Purific. He introduced me to the benefits of Purific water purifiers and it was history from there. I joined his team and started using my ecology. Within a week or two, my husband started drinking more water, as did myself. It actually tasted good! Our habits had completely changed and now, almost 7 months later, I’ve lost more than my baby weight and my husband no longer drinks the sodas and sweet teas. He chooses water because he LIKES the way it tastes! We have become quite the water snobs and will only drink Purific water. It really is that good!
      Jackie, NC
    • I recommend everyone try this water!! It is unbelievable!!
      Vickie, NY
    • As Adam Sandler would say, "Now that's some high quality H2O." Purific is ultra delicious.
      Justin, FL