Hello! My name is Betsy Hartge and I live in Maryland close to the magnificent Chesapeake Bay.
I was an elementary teacher for 40 years and spent many years teaching science from the basic water table to studies of world climates through geography. As a classroom teacher I encouraged recycling and reusing on many levels including the use of lunch boxes instead of bags, paper shredders, and programs to conserve energy such as turning off technology when it was not being used.
Over recent years, I have been a RE/MAX Realtor and have seen the condition of local wells, septic tanks, springs, and also learned about local water processing through city purification plants.  I do know what is coming out of our taps.
This year 2013, I was a lobbyist at the State level to support clean water acts and I volunteer for the CLEAN, SAFE, AND GREEN committee of the MAIN STREET ANNAPOLIS PARTNERSHIP.
In 2012 I worked with two elementary schools to paint rain barrels which were sold to businesses in Annapolis in an effort to have local business control ground water.  Managing ground water at a local level continues to be an interest of mine.
My next major goal is a big one, to rid my part of the world of water bottles.  With the newest in water purification technology in my hands, I know it can be done.  How simple would your life be if you could carry a water bottle with a built in filter AND you could use tap water from where ever you were to refill it?
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